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Lucas Group Financial Advisors is a fee-based financial planning firm with offices in Freeport and Rockford, Illinois. Our comprehensive approach to planning starts with clearly articulating your goals; then we build a plan together that connects the areas relevant to you. These could include aspects such as cash flow analysis, retirement or education savings, risk management, estate planning, and investment management. Together with our affiliated firm, Lucas Group CPAs + Advisors, we can also assist with income tax planning to reduce the impact of taxes on your investments or cash flow.


Why Lucas Group

Our priority is helping clients meet all of their goals – no matter what the environment. We help our clients build wealth for the future, protect it for the next generation or plan a giving strategy for the causes that mean the most to them. We look beyond investing and strive to offer it all—experience, guidance and personal service as we build personalized, meaningful relationships with clients.


Evidence-Based Investing

We make decisions on established academic research, not the latest media speculation.  We believe letting decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed financial research guide our recommendations is the best way to invest. We also believe in helping those we advise understand the evidence behind our investment process to help them feel more confident in the decisions we make to best achieve their goals.



This means we are compensated for managing your assets, not for selling products. We do not receive any compensation from brokerage services, commissions or finders fees. We simply deliver objective, unbiased, evidence-based advice and truly do what best serves our clients.

Our Team

Wealth Advisor

Luke is a Certified Public Accountant and Wealth Advisor with Lucas Group Financial Advisors.  He also is an Executive...

Wealth Advisor

Kate is a Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, and Wealth Advisor with Lucas Group...

Wealth Advisor

Andrew is a Wealth Advisor with Lucas Group Financial Advisors and supervisor with Lucas Group CPAs.

He holds a...

Executive Partner

Dick is a Certified Public Accountant and Executive Partner with Lucas Group Financial Advisors. He also is the managing...

Who are Lucas Group Financial Advisor Clients?

Are you one of the following?


Young Professionals

Generations X and Y (born between the early 60s and late 90s) are in the accumulation phase of their lives. These are the years focused on earning and advancement.


Busy Boomers

As an individual or family with seasoned perspective, you know what you want out of life – during your career as well as onward into retirement.



Women and Wealth

Whether single, married, widowed or divorced; leading a career, a non-profit foundation, or a busy household, we help women take control of their personal wealth.


Inheritance or Financial Windfall Recipients

For those that receive a substantial inheritance or unexpected financial windfall, it can be a start to securing their financial future if it is handled with the care it deserves.


Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

You want to empower your employees to invest successfully toward retirement, but you also want a plan you can manage efficiently and cost-effectively.

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