These 10 core principles guide how we serve as a trusted financial advisor:


1) Act in the best interest of the client

We believe in offering advice and recommendations that are in the client’s best interest, because it is both proper and ethical. We will educate our clients about the courses of action that we are recommending, as well as other options available to them, so that they may agree that we are utilizing the option that appropriately fits their situation.


2) Deliver attentive, individualized service

We understand that everyone has different situations and personal goals. We listen and learn what is important to them and their family, and provide responsive service, such as timely returned phone calls and emails. We grow our firm by working with clients who value the comprehensive services and value we provide.


3) Provide a team for each client

We believe that those we advise benefit from a team of professionals, not just a relationship with one person. Providing different areas of experience and expertise enhances the advice and creative solutions we offer to our clients. If needed, we consult with outside resources to provide advice on complex matters.


4) Build customized, integrated financial plans

We develop goal-based financial plans that integrate each client’s unique goals, strategy, and situation as well as their willingness, ability, and need to accept risk. Lucas Group provides more than simple money management by integrating estate and tax planning into the overall financial plan.


5) Achieve goals rather than chase returns

Our advice is goal-oriented, based on your specific short or long term needs. We evaluate and make recommendations for achieving those goals rather than constantly chase returns in the market. We fit each of your objectives into the context of achieving the overall investment plan.


6) Make decisions based on academic research, not media speculation

We believe in letting decades of unbiased, peer-reviewed financial research guide our investment recommendations. We also believe in helping those we advise understand the evidence behind our investment process to help them feel more confident in the recommendations that we make.


7) Focus on professional advice, not products

We are client-centered, which means we focus on delivering sound advice and targeted solutions. The basis in offering any particular solution is whether it will meet the client’s goals and objectives, and appropriately fit into the larger financial plan we’ve developed together.


8) Provide education so clients can make informed financial decisions

We educate our clients on the financial and investment options available to them, so that they feel confident in their financial decisions. There is no “one size fits all” plan or investment, and clients are more likely to achieve their goals if they understand the recommendations and are part of the decision making process.


9) Provide full disclosure and transparency in costs

We believe in providing clarity to our clients, so they understand our investment strategy. We believe in full transparency of our fees and the investments we recommend. We answer questions in plain English.


10) Practice what we preach

We invest our personal assets in the same or comparable investments that we recommend to those we advise, based on the same investment principles.