Goals-Based Planning

It can be hard to balance today's lifestyle with future goals. We make spending or saving decisions every day - should I buy these tickets or save the money? Plan a family vacation or put the funds in my Roth IRA? Often, these decisions are made without a clear picture of how each action could impact long-term goals. 

Working closely with you, we can build a plan to help reach your long-term goals, while still living the lifestyle you want today. That can mean confirming your current savings rates or suggesting some changes to the amount, location of savings, or investment mix. We can also help determine how much to contribute to various savings goals, such as to short-term goals (like buying a new house in the next 5 years), intermediate goals (such as college funding for kids), and long-term goals (like retirement). We arm you with the knowledge so that next time you're faced with a major financial decision, you know how it can impact your various goals.