Cash Flow Management

After a career of earning a paycheck and saving, one of the biggest retirement changes is starting to withdraw from investments instead. Retirement income may come from multiple sources, such as Social Security, a pension, and/or multiple different types of investment accounts.

Cash Flow Management is the act of balancing different withdrawal sources, and enjoying your hard-earned savings without withdrawing too much each year. This includes:

  • Determining when to start Social Security or other retirement income sources
  • Analyzing different pension payout options 
  • Balancing withdrawals from pre-tax, Roth, and taxable accounts based on your personal goals
  • Calculating and discussing how long your portfolio may last at different withdrawal rates
  • Accounting for income needs when selecting investments for your portfolio
  • Presenting options for guaranteed retirement income, if you would feel more comfortable with some guarantees

After initial planning, most people prefer to take monthly withdrawals from their investments that mimic the paychecks they were receiving while working. In addition to facilitating these systematic withdrawals, we help adjust for any larger needs (for travel, emergencies, etc). We ask to meet with you at least annually to review your desired income and withdrawal rate, and assess if any changes need to be made.