Lucas Group Financial Advisors Provide True Wealth Management

We take a comprehensive approach to wealth management, and managing investments represents only part of the picture.  

  • Getting the PROPER ASSET ALLOCATION in the first place, and thus making sure that our clients do not take more risk than they have the ability, willingness or need to take. This is the most important investment decision made.
  • Providing the DISCIPLINE needed to adhere to the plan so investors do not get caught up in the greed and envy of bull markets, nor the fear and panic of bear markets.
  • Ensuring that REBALANCING is done regularly and in the most cost- and tax-effective manner.
  • Ensuring that TAX-LOSS HARVESTING is done appropriately.
  • Determining proper DRAWDOWN STRATEGIES in retirement.
  • Determining how to OPTIMIZE Social Security benefits.
  • Helping provide LONGEVITY insurance against running out of money in retirement.

By providing these services on an ongoing basis, we ultimately deliver our clients freedom — the freedom to tune out and turn off the nonstop, 24/7 financial news roller coaster and focus instead on what’s most important to them — their families, their health, their career and achieving their goals and living their dreams.  Let us help you with:


Investment Management

Having a well-defined investment strategy is important now and into the future. It serves as a road map to temper decisions that might otherwise be based on intuition or emotion. Investment planning is a process that includes:

  • Establishing Your Goals
  • Developing Defined Strategies to Achieve Those Goals
  • Implementing These Strategies
  • Monitoring Your Progress in Attaining Those Goals


Income Tax Planning

Income tax planning is an integral part of an investment strategy. Income tax planning allows you to maximize your legitimate deductions and reduce or eliminate federal, state and local taxes. The experts at our affiliate company, Lucas Group CPAs, can assist you in structuring an investment strategy that may reduce the impact of taxes on your return.


Retirement Planning

When considering retirement, you must ask yourself some important questions:

  • What were the things I did not have time for when I was working?
  • What activities do I enjoy participating in the most?

Retirement planning encompasses analyzing current retirement assets, estimating anticipated contributions and earnings, and projecting future anticipated living needs. Planning for inflation and incorporating a probability analysis are key components in developing a prudent retirement plan. Our goal is to help you develop a long-range retirement plan that will allow you to obtain financial independence and maintain your standard of living.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of developing a strategy to facilitate the transfer of your personal assets to your beneficiaries. At Lucas Group Advisors, we understand the importance of properly structuring and regularly reviewing your estate plan to ensure that it is addressing your family’s needs. While we are not attorneys and do not prepare any legal documents, we do work closely with our clients and their attorneys in developing a prudent estate plan.


Risk Management

Risk management and asset protection strategies are designed to help insulate your family, your assets and your income from potential loss. It’s a structured approach to managing uncertainties that could affect your financial well-being. Using a consultative approach, we can assist you in assessing the risks and developing strategies to manage them through our strategic alliances.


Cash Flow Management

Meeting your cash flow needs from your portfolio is important. When we construct your portfolio, we take into account any known or anticipated cash flow needs you may have. We structure your portfolio according to your goals and by focusing on tax consequences, selecting the appropriate financial instruments and minimizing trading costs to accommodate your cash needs.