What services do you provide?

At Lucas Group Financial Advisors, we take a comprehensive approach to wealth management, and managing investments represents only part of the picture.  We focus on each client receiving the following services:

  • Getting the PROPER ASSET ALLOCATION in place, and thus making sure that our clients do not take more risk than they have the ability, willingness or need to take. This is the most important investment decision made.
  • Providing the DISCIPLINE needed to adhere to the plan so investors do not get caught up in the greed and envy of bull markets, nor the fear and panic of bear markets.
  • Ensuring that REBLANCING is done regularly and in the most cost- and tax-effective manner.
  • Ensuring that TAX-LOSS HARVESTING is done appropriately.
  • Determining proper DRAWDOWN STRATEGIES in retirement.
  • Determining how to OPTIMIZE SOCIAL SECURITY benefits.
  • Helping provide LONGEVITY INSURANCE against running out of money in retirement.